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Picture of Nikon Automatic Level AC-2S

Nikon Automatic Level AC-2S [07001504 ]

Nikon Automatic Level AC-2S
Manufacturer: NIKON

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*Product specification:

•Field of view (at 100m) 1 degree and 30 min & cover 2.3 meter
•Minimum focusing distances 75 cm.
•Lenses made of ED glasses “extra low dispersion glass“.
•With Automatic Compensator .
•Water-resistant construction
•Applied with Horizontal circle (360) Degree for Horizontal Angle.
•Magnification 24x
•Accuracy +\- 2mm in 1 KM double run leveling 

1.Automatic level AC-2S
2.Solid bag to carry the device anti-shock and dust
3.Toolkit and hygiene for maintenance
6.Plastic Cover Anti-dust and rain

SKU: 07001504
Availability: 33 in stock
8,100.00 (EGP)
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