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Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Return Policy :-

Shipping Policy:-

Bernasos provide you with the online shopping. By free registration, you can browse our shop and buy online. Product reaches you intact and on time by Bernasos’s representatives.

Bernasos will deliver your order within 6 business days, which will be delivered at your “home, company “after confirming the order with Bernasos call center, your orders will delivered according to (Our Branches and nearby areas).

Security Delivery:-

You have to confirm the required products, test well and make sure that intact.

Products must be delivered to a private addresses “home, company “, Kindly note that we cannot deliver any order to public places.

If payment is completed with a credit card, the only person allowed to receive the order is the card holder, who must show his national ID to our representative.

Return Policy

Our Policy in order to maintain customers satisfaction, we want you to have the peace of mind knowing that a product bought can be easily returned.

1- In case of sending the wrong product  :-

- Return Period “7 days from receiving the product “.

- Products have to be:

- In the original packaging.

- No sign of usage.

- Never opened.

- Complete ( packaging & accessories )

2-When the product is faulty :-

-Return Period “14 days from receiving the product “.

-Products have to be:

-In the original packaging.

-Complete ( packaging & accessories )


- No exchange & retrieve any product with defects resulting abuse.

- Product will be checked on the reason of return communicated with our customer service team.

- If product matches the previous conditions, Return requests can be submitted by contacting our customer service team at 19185, emailing us on or through Facebook (messages).They will guide you through the process of shipping the product back to us.