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190.00 EGP

Photocopy Paper – Pioneer - 100 Gms – 250 Sheets - A4

Picture of Photocopy Paper - pioneer  -  160 Gsm - 250 sheet – A4

250.00 EGP

Pioneer Photocopy Paper Package 160 gm 250 sheets A4 Whiter paper to maintain visual acuity Good for copiers and printing machines Distinctive paper - high thickness and smoothness Characterized by high quality in non-absorbing inks Free of chlorine and alcohol Element Paper made from natural raw materials Carton number 5 Package Type Portuguese

195.00 EGP

Photocopy Paper - Pioneer - 75 Gms – A4 – 500 sheets

52.00 EGP

Photocopy Paper - Pioneer - 75 Gms - A5 – 250 sheets

Picture of Pioneer Photographic Paper Package 80 Grams 2 Perforation 500 Sheets A4

245.00 EGP

High-quality copy paper from Pioneer, manufactured from the finest paper materials. It saves on the use of ink during printing, preserves the printing machine during use, and does not cause any insects. It is compatible with all uses in photography, drawing, printing, and art works. It comes in different colors, sizes, and weights that are compatible with all uses