Writing Tools : - 

. The pen is the most common form of writing, it is equipped with a hard tip that nourishes the writing surface with ink.. Writing tools are an important thing in our lives that cannot be dispensed with throughout our ages because the pen is considered the oldest and recognized method for years of human contact and began to develop with the ages of technology.Types of basic pens:

•           pen :-

. It consists of a cartridge containing a thick and viscous liquid and is available in several colors. The cartridge ends with a tapered head containing a very small ball that communicates with the viscous liquid. When it is moved on paper

•            Pencil :-

. The pencil was invented in the eighteenth century, where before that it was used as a feather or reed for writing in liquid ink. . The main material in the pencil is of graphite or carbon mixed with clay, and this material is covered with wood or plastic, writing with a pencil is easy and can be erased or modified by the eraser.

•          Liquid ink pen: -

. The liquid ink pen contains a water-based liquid ink reservoir mixed with some chemicals that help slip the pen quill (pen tip) and give gloss to the lettering. The ink can be easily refilled, either by replacing it or by filling it directly from the liquid ink tank.

 •       Mechanical pencil "Leads ": - 

. Unlike installing a traditional wooden pencil around a solid center of graphite, the mechanical pen contains a small piece of graphite that is held at its tip. Internal mechanics controls the place of the graphite by friction so that it stays constant during writing .

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Scrikss Set - (Deluxe Ink Pen + Catalog + 6 Cartridge) -in box model no.80778

Scrikss Set - (Deluxe Ink Pen + Catalog + 6 Cartridge) -in box model no.80778
2,300.00 ج.م.‏

Scrikss Set - (flowmaster pen + Catalog ) -in box model no.83991

Scrikss Set - (flowmaster pen + Catalog ) -in box model no.83991
2,000.00 ج.م.‏

KORES Mechanical Pencil M1 0,7mm, FANCY NO:99172

Kores mechanical pencil "M1 Grafitos". HB 0.7 mm, lead thickness: 0.5 mm. Its ergonomic triangular shape helps holding the pen perfectly. Comes with clip and eraser on the end of the barrel and includes 2 leads
7.00 ج.م.‏

قلم رصاص سيمباليون اصفر*اسود كعب HB-3311EG

قلم رصاص سيمباليون اصفر*اسود كعب HB-3311EG
2.00 ج.م.‏

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