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Picture of keyroad ,Circle Master,Compass KR971845

49.25 EGP

keyroad ,Circle Master, Compass

Picture of  Compass ,Key Road, Plastic , Lead , Model KR971533

21.75 EGP

Compass ,Key Road, Plastic , Lead ,

Picture of  Compass , Key Road , Plastic ,Lead , Model KR970143

23.25 EGP

Compass , Key Road , Plastic ,Lead • Premium Quality • Ergonomic And Attractive Design

Picture of Keyroad Compass Vivi KR971484

72.00 EGP

KeyRoad Pencil with a pen in a plastic box, 2 pieces, a distinctive shape and design suitable for students, not sharp and easy to use, model kr971484, made in China

Picture of CS08 - Technical Compass Set (Set of 8 Parts)

152.00 EGP

University engineering leg set consisting of 8 pieces, model CS08, contains a leg size 13 cm and a side leg 10 cm - a spare needle - a lead case - an attachment - a screwdriver - a sharpener - an extension rod to make a large circle, made in India

Picture of Compass , Key Road , Metal , (Pencil Pen ) , Model KR971440

63.00 EGP

Compass , Key Road , Metal , (Pencil Pen )

Picture of Keyroad metal compass set/plastic KR971130-kr971121

69.00 EGP

Key-Road Metal Pencil Lead with a plastic frame + a pencil in a plastic box, model kr 971121, with a distinctive design for ease of use, made in China, with excellent colors