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Water Color

الوان مائية جودة عالية وماركات عالمية بافضل سعر متاح شحن لجميع المحافظات وطرق دفع مختلفة

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Picture of  Kores Water Color Set, with brush, 12 colors No. 30101

83.00 EGP

"Kores Akuarellos is high quality watercolour paints with solid pressed pigments. For this reason the colours last longer, have higher opacity and are easier to apply than semi-solid colours. Great coverage and unlimited tones by mixing the colours make Akuarellos ideally suited for all techniques and uses at school and at home. The unique product design gives the impression of holding a painter's palette. The practical transparent lid with mixing areas can be used as a tray to mix individual colours. The paint box is made of washable material and can easily be cleaned with water, so it always looks tidy. Each colour cake measures 30mm in diameter and weighs about 4g. The lid has two integrated places for paint brushes. One brush is included in the set. The paint box includes 12 intensive, brilliant and highly opaque colours: white, yellow, orange, red, magenta, cyan blue, ultramarine blue, light green, dark green, ochre, dark brown and black. The opaque white colour can be used for mixing and blending."

Picture of face color egyption flag EN71-3

11.50 EGP

Colors painted on the face of the flag of Egypt. All payment and shipping methods are available to all governorates of Egypt

Picture of keyroad water color 12 colours KR971829

173.00 EGP

keyroad water color 12 colours

Picture of keyroad water color 12 colours+4bonus KR971611

109.00 EGP

keyroad water color 12 colours+4bonus